Eric Cantor will join a Wall Street investment firm.

Far be it from me to shame someone for chasing the almighty dollar: this is, after all, America, where our politicians become politicians because they have no more marketable.. More →

George Clooney probably didn’t invite Barack Obama to his wedding.

Technically speaking, when asked about whether Barack Obama was an invited guest to his nuptials in Italy later this month, George Clooney’s publicist never mentioned that he wasn’t invited,.. More →

Ask Amelia: Voxplaining the sandwich

When is it appropriate to use mayonnaise? @BrianFaughnan Dear Brian, Never. Well, never as condiment, anyways. Mayonnaise is acceptable if you’ve ingested poison and need to induce vomiting, but.. More →

A Congressman called Kirsten Gillibrand fat.

I don’t think that our elected officials suffer from a sexist streak, honestly, which is probably not the prevailing opinion among Democratic female lawmakers (not that I am one,.. More →

Brooklyn hipsters spruce up Dumpster diving.

Brooklyn has a Dumpster restaurant. And I’m not talking about those weird “freegans” that go around taking somewhat expired food out of grocery store trans bins after the stores.. More →

Mike Huckabee does not approve of your sexual radicalism. Or something.

Mike Huckabee wants to be President. He wants it so bad, he’s willing to do pretty much anything. After all, being President is the only shot Mike Huckabee might.. More →

Joe Biden will creep on basically anyone.

Lucy Coffey is a hero. Not only is she the oldest living female veteran at 108 years old, having braved World War II in the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, but.. More →

Never mind the ebolacks, it’s the tech policy troll

Right now, in Washington, D.C., there’s a big fight playing out regarding net neutrality. “What’s that?” you ask. “Researchers from NOAA agreeing to only use certain kinds of nets when.. More →

The Paul Ryan – Mitt Romney Bromance isn’t over.

Let’s just make one thing clear: the only reason – the only reason – we’re seeing these stories is because there’s a dearth of action on the Republican front for.. More →

White House wants you to know Obama cried on the golf course.

For starters, let’s say that the last two weeks have been worse for American than the True Blood series finale. Let’s continue by saying that every President takes vacations and.. More →