The White House tried to get Bill Nye the Science Guy to sell insurance to nerds.

Now, while I like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, especially when he’s taking it to anti-science non-GMO fanatics on the Internet, I have a hard time understanding the hype surrounding Bill.. More →

Draft Mitt 2016 is dead; long live Draft Mitt 2016.

Apparently, there was an official “Draft Mitt 2016″ project that was actually looking to draft Mitt Romney to run in the 2016 Presidential election, because two major losses in a.. More →

John Kerry rode a girl’s bike in Nantucket this weekend.

We’re projecting images of power left and right this week. Lest you forget who is in charge of our fair country’s foreign affairs now, here’s a photo of John.. More →

Rep. Tom Marino isn’t scared of Nancy Pelosi because he’s a “Street Fighter.”

On Friday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi chased after Rep. Tom Marino in the most recent devastating breach of decorum in Congress, and perhaps the most effective action on the part.. More →

Fans ask Barack Obama to name July 29th “Orlando Bloom Day.”

America may be still bitterly divided on the ongoing Middle East conflict, but if there’s something at least 4,000 of us can agree upon, it’s that Barack Obama should.. More →

Barack Obama is sad you haven’t signed his birthday card.

Today is Barack Obama’s birthday and you’re name is missing on his birthday card. Get on it, America. Otherwise, Sad Barack Obama is going to have to eat these.. More →

Malia Obama was at Lollapalooza this weekend.

This was the first year in almost a decade I’ve missed Lollapalooza (because of some asinine change to their ticketing system that crashed my browser until well after all.. More →

Nancy Pelosi will chase you down and cut you over immigration.

A poll came out over the weekend noting that Americans now think more highly of noted Star Wars-ruiner Jar-Jark Binks (though, admittedly, he’s not the only reason those movies were terrible,.. More →

Ask Amelia: The perils of socialism.

Why can’t I ever find chocolate with peanuts or chocolate chip cookies in Europe? Wendy Dear Wendy, While one might reasonably attribute this to a difference in tastes and,.. More →

Joe Biden is, reportedly, an avid skinny-dipper.

Happy Friday, everyone! I bet that, deep down inside, you thought you were going to get out of this week unmolested by the mental image of a naked Vice.. More →