White House strong-armed paparazzi over LA photos of Malia Obama.

Malia Obama is spending her summer in LA, working as an intern and stepping out with buddies to various LA restaurants and celeb spots, so sooner or later, she.. More →

The White House bowling alley is undergoing renovation.

In case you were wondering how the President’s second-term pivot to fiscal responsibility is going, the White House bowling alley, which has apparently remained unchanged since the Truman administration.. More →

Barack Obama goes rogue in Denver, gets offered pot, fist bumps gorilla.

So, yesterday, President Obama was tooling around Denver and this happened, which has nothing to do with him being offered pot a little bit later, or perhaps has everything.. More →

Company that made sh*tty Obamacare website given another billion dollar contract.

If you were CGI Federal, you’d probably be laying low when it comes to government contracts. After all, it’s likely that you can be considered the sole factor in.. More →

Chris McDaniel is totally not racist because he used to play basketball.

America, you can do better. And by that, I mean you can do better than both Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel. By allowing the Mississippi board of elections to.. More →

GOP has started selling .GOP domains, reaction predictable.

The Republican Party has come into the Internet age, just barely, or is at least cynically attempting to acknowledge the existence of the Internet by allowing young people to.. More →

Robert Menendez says Dominican hooker scandal orchestrated by Cuba.

Ages ago, the Daily Caller broke a story that Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey was having sexytime in the Dominican Republican with some Cuban prostitutes who were, allegedly, underage... More →

RNC chooses Cleveland to have cripplingly depressing 2016 convention.

Honestly, I thought nothing could be worse than Tampa’s oppressive humidity, that made walking through the convention’s surrounding police state a nightmare of blisters and sweat-stained business suiting. I.. More →

Sarah Palin wants to be on The View.

Because, as with Andrew Lloyd Weber deciding to add rapping cats in the London revival of Cats, you can never be sure when you’ve truly hit rock bottom on a decades-old.. More →

Southern Charm‘s Thomas Ravenel to take on Lindsay Graham.

South Carolina is already hosting one reality television competition star in it’s Congressional campaign ranks, why not make it a trend? Former BravoTV, Thomas Ravenel, who starred on the.. More →