GOP has started selling .GOP domains, reaction predictable.

The Republican Party has come into the Internet age, just barely, or is at least cynically attempting to acknowledge the existence of the Internet by allowing young people to.. More →

Robert Menendez says Dominican hooker scandal orchestrated by Cuba.

Ages ago, the Daily Caller broke a story that Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey was having sexytime in the Dominican Republican with some Cuban prostitutes who were, allegedly, underage... More →

RNC chooses Cleveland to have cripplingly depressing 2016 convention.

Honestly, I thought nothing could be worse than Tampa’s oppressive humidity, that made walking through the convention’s surrounding police state a nightmare of blisters and sweat-stained business suiting. I.. More →

Sarah Palin wants to be on The View.

Because, as with Andrew Lloyd Weber deciding to add rapping cats in the London revival of Cats, you can never be sure when you’ve truly hit rock bottom on a decades-old.. More →

Southern Charm‘s Thomas Ravenel to take on Lindsay Graham.

South Carolina is already hosting one reality television competition star in it’s Congressional campaign ranks, why not make it a trend? Former BravoTV, Thomas Ravenel, who starred on the.. More →

John Kerry spent the weekend surfing in Nantucket.

The bad news is, ISIS, the ultra-radical group so hellbent on causing a wave of sectarian violence across the Middle East they have Al Qaeda begging to institute bureaucracy.. More →

Ask Amelia: Independence Day Edition

Are fireworks representative of our explosive imperialism? Sarah Dear Sarah, No, sorry. While fireworks have been used for centuries as a means of celebration, they are very much a.. More →

New poll lists Obama as “Worst. President. Ever.”

George W. Bush has been knocked off the top slot for the first time in half a decade (or more, depending on who you believe and when you started.. More →

E! Online is concerned you might have missed the Hobby Lobby dissent.

E! Entertainment Television, which is responsible, for the most part, for the Kardashians’ careers (or “kareers”) has an opinion about the Hobby Lobby case  (or, at least it’s social media.. More →

Get your own Valerie Jarrett worship frame!

This weekend, Meet the Press put together a handy package on Valerie Jarrett and her West Wing office, that she earned being a trusted advisor to the President (or,.. More →