Barack Obama didn’t want Kim Kardashian’s help.

She may have landed herself on the cover of Vogue, possibly because Anna Wintour has succumbed to a progressive dementia, but Kim Kardashian hasn’t had as easy of a.. More →

Mike Huckabee: Ladies never go to the bathroom alone.

Obviously, there’s some sensitivity to gender-related issues this week, and as noted, Republicans have a somewhat impressive ability to exhibit a complete lack of knowledge on the subject of.. More →

Barack Obama thinks it’s still 1968, Or something

It’s April and since it’s a midterm election year, it’s time for another Democratic effort to convince women everywhere that Republicans hate them and want to chain them to.. More →

Vance McAllister reportedly wants the FBI to investigate video leaker.

He’s keeping his job (for now), which is more than can be said for the aid he made out with, but Vince McAllister is more interested in how anyone.. More →

Sarah Palin, Jon Stewart team up for veterans’ jobs, possible apocalypse.

ACP AdvisorNet, which provides advice to companies seeking to help returning veterans transition into civilian life courted Sarah Palin and Jon Stewart for a short video promoting their efforts... More →

Hillary Clinton poses with Pussy Riot.

No pun intended. Hillary Clinton is at the Women in the World Summit this week, presumably to pick up one of her signature participation trophies ahead of chasing any.. More →

Vance McAllister allegedly admits sucking face with staff, asks for forgiveness and re-election

Vance McAllister is asking for “privacy” on the subject of his having made out with a married staffer in his Monroe, Louisiana district offices three months after being sent.. More →

Scott Walker wants to get a college degree.

Scott Walker, who spent his early college days at Marquette University plotting the first steps in his long-term strategy to wreak havoc on the Democratic party by drawing all.. More →

George W. Bush, Bill Clinton pal around at NCAA final, discuss future dynasty plans.

Within the next decade, I predict that these two will have their own reality show. Last night, Bill Clinton joined his BFF George W. Bush for a little NCAA.. More →

The White House pay gap is way less pay-gappy than yours.

We’ve resurrected the Paycheck Fairness Act because it’s April and there’s absolutely nothing else going on and if we don’t regularly remind low-information female voters that they are being.. More →